Read Visual FoxPro with Ubuntu

Open a terminal. Run the following command to make sure you have the packages curl and libreoffice-calc installed:

apt-get install curl libreoffice-calc

Then you can use CURL to convert the Visual FoxPro files to CSV. You have to replace northwind.dbc northwind.dct northwind.dcx categories.dbf categories.cdx categories.fpt with the files you want to convert.

curl -F files[]=@northwind.dbc files[]=@northwind.dct files[]=@northwind.dcx files[]=@categories.dbf files[]=@categories.cdx files[]=@categories.fpt -o

Now try to open the file It will contain CSV files. You can open these CSV files with LibreOffice Calc. Make sure you specify "comma" as column separator.

If you cannot open the file, there was probably an error and the file contains the error message. Open it with gedit to see the error.

That's it! You successfully read your Visual FoxPro files.

How does it work?

The RebaseData PHP client library internally uses our API to convert the Visual FoxPro files to a set of CSV files. These CSV files, one per table, will be cached locally to allow fast reads on the second access. In case the input file changes, a new conversion will be triggered.

Why use RebaseData?